Infiniti Repair in Chantilly, VA

Convenient, Cost-Effective Infiniti Service

Qualified Infiniti Repair Specialists

Are you looking for a team of auto professionals to take on your Infiniti’s repairs or maintenance? IMA Motorwerke is a specialized Infiniti repair shop in Chantilly, VA. We only employ ASE Certified technicians to work on our customers’ vehicles, because we understand that quality is your top priority when it comes to your car. With decades of experience working on Infiniti vehicles, our team of mechanics is familiar with what goes on under the hood to make every ride smooth and luxurious. Our expert services help you maintain the same level of performance in your Infiniti as the first day you got it, regardless of its maintenance history. With diagnostic tools and advanced equipment, we improve and protect performance for years to come. Visit us today to learn more about how we can enhance your driving experience!

Individually Tailored Service

The key to getting the most out of your vehicle is surprisingly simple. Just bring your Infiniti in to IMA Motorwerke regularly for routine maintenance! Frequent oil changes make all the difference when it comes to a fully functional engine. Clean and lubricated parts run smoother for longer, which means better efficiency and performance on the road! Avoid damages, breakdowns, repairs and replacements altogether by keeping the oil that runs through your engine clean. IMA Motorwerke goes above and beyond with our maintenance services to carefully tailor each schedule to your specific vehicle and driving habits. Using Infiniti’s recommended maintenance information, your individual driving demands, the vehicle’s age and maintenance history, we create an ideal schedule adapted to you. That helps you visit only when you need to and avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. Whether you drive a Q50, QX60 or another popular Infiniti model, our team is here to help things go right. Schedule your visit ahead of time or just swing by 25354 Pleasant Valley Road, we are always ready to serve walk-in customers.

Schedule Your Repair Appointment

When was the last time you brought your Infiniti into the shop for professional care? Ideally, your vehicle should receive maintenance care every 3 to 4 months. Have you missed your recommended maintenance date? Don’t worry, our techs will visually inspect the critical components of your vehicle to make sure that any possible damages or worn out parts are safely replaced to get your vehicle back on track. The first step to protecting your vehicle’s performance is scheduling its maintenance appointment. Pick up the phone and call (703) 327-9858 or use our convenient online scheduling tool to make your Infiniti’s service appointment. Our technicians are ready to serve you!