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Your Audi’s luxury and performance provide you with a high end driving experience, and a vehicle like that needs a special set of skills to keep things running smoothly. The team here at IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA has been focusing on Audi repair since the early days of our shop. We know Audis inside and out, and we understand that for most Audi driver’s, your vehicle can be more than just a car, but also an investment. We are here to protect that investment. We are the best Audi repair shop in the Chantilly, VA area that can make sure that you’re never off the road for long. A lot of people think that you can only take an Audi to the dealer due to the nature of the vehicle, and the fact that you may need specialized tools for a lot of the jobs, but rest assured that we are fully equipped to handle everything Audi related!

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Special Tools For Special Vehicles

The team here at IMA Motorwerke is extremely knowledgeable and fully equipped with the latest specialized Audi repair and diagnostic tools. Each motor in the Audi line of vehicles has its own special tools necessary for proper repair and service, and our team knows how to use them all! For everything from carbon cleaning to timing chain replacement, you can trust the team here at IMA Motorwerke to take care of your car as if it was our own. There is no job that we can’t tackle here when it comes to any necessary Audi repair. We have a team of Audi specialists who are trained and experienced to know exactly how to take care of all of your Audi’s needs.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whether your Audi needs something as small as a standard brake job, or something as large as a full engine replacement, our team is ready and willing to take care of all of it! Bring your car in at the first sign of any problems so that we can diagnose and repair any problems that may pop up. There are some common problems with Audi’s such as failing camshaft followers on the fuel pump of the 2.0 FSI motor, carbon buildup on direct injection engines, and timing chain noise on a number of different motors, but none of those are anything to worry about when you have the IMA Motorwerke team on your side! Next time you’re in the Chantilly, VA area, swing by our shop at 25354 Pleasant Valley Road, Suite 155B with your Audi so we can take a look and make sure that you’re well taken care of.