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Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Track

There’s nothing like the thrill of speeding down the track, but if you want lower lap times and better handling, you’ll want to upgrade your vehicle. When it comes to racing, automotive performance is everything, so bring out your car’s potential by bringing it to IMA Motorwerke here in Chantilly, Virginia. Since 1999, we’ve optimized countless German and European vehicles throughout Fairfax County. Our ASE-certified technicians use some of the best tools and technology on the market, so we can do everything from suspension upgrades to ECU tuning. We’ll ask questions about your goals, review our recommendations, and once we have your approval, we’ll get to work. While we work on your vehicle, you can relax in our comfortable waiting room or take advantage of our free shuttle service. If you’re ready to improve your automotive performance, call our office at (703) 327-9858, or use our online scheduling tool to make your appointment today!

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Improve Your Suspension System

When you’re zooming down the track, there are few things more important than control and handling, especially around corners. This is where your suspension system shines, so it’s important yours is optimized for these extreme conditions. Unfortunately, your vehicle’s stock suspension system isn’t designed for racing, so you’ll need professional enhancements. At IMA Motorwerke, we can upgrade the different parts of your car’s suspension, which gives you decreased lap times and a better overall driving experience. Before you get on to the track, our certified technicians will inspect your current system and identify upgrade opportunities. Depending on your vehicle and any existing modifications, we may suggest replacing or altering parts such as coilovers, shocks/struts, dampers, anti-sway bars, and more. We can even lower your suspension system, perform a wheel alignment, and make tire suggestions, all of which affect your automotive performance. Once we understand your unique needs, we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen!

Bring Out Your Car’s Potential

Suspension upgrades can give you better control, but if you really want to bring out your vehicle’s power, you’ll want to take advantage of our performance tuning services. Because auto manufacturers design cars to meet a variety of driving conditions and emission standards, your vehicle can’t access its full potential. Our tuning specialists modify both the hardware and software that affect your engine’s capabilities, which lets you get the output you need on the track. On the computer side, we use advanced equipment to modify your engine’s electrical control unit (ECU), such as by updating the software or by replacing or modifying the memory chip. But these new changes will work best if your engine can keep up, which is why we’ll also recommend upgrading the intake, exhaust, forced induction, fuel management, and ignition systems. If you’d like to see how we can improve your automotive performance, visit IMA Motorwerke at 25354 Pleasant Valley Road Ste 155B, Chantilly, VA 20152 today!