A Brief History of Mercedes-Benz

From the Start to Now

The Mercedes-Benz company has a long history of innovation, luxury, and excellence. Karl Benz’s 1886 model, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, is regarded as the first gasoline-powered automobile. However, it was Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybech, who really started the Mercedes brand. They simultaneously developed a gas-powered automobile at the same time as Benz without any knowledge of him. Daimler formed a company, DMG, which created the Mercedes model in 1901 for Emil Jellinek. The car was named for Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes. Jellinek was a racing enthusiast who had strict specifications for the new cars, most of which set safety standards for the “horseless carriages.” When the car hit the market, people were amazed at its capabilities.

Because Daimler could not use his name to market cars in other countries, the company used the Mercedes name to market its most popular models. Benz was added to the name in 1926 when DMG merged with Karl Benz’s company. The company is synonymous with luxury. Although it has experienced its political scandals, largely due to forcing laborers to bolster the Nazi efforts in World War II, the Mercedes-Benz brand is one of the most established automotive companies around the world. To be clear, the company made reparations to the amount of $12 million to its workers who were forced to work in WWII.

Innovations From Mercedes-Benz

Not only is Mercedes-Benz credited with the internal combustion engine, but it has also been a forerunner in the automotive industry. Here are a few of the technologies introduced through Mercedes-Benz:

  • The honeycomb radiator that is still used today on water-cooled vehicles
  • The first passenger car that had brakes on all four wheels
  • The Anti-Lock Brake system was introduced first on a Mercedes model
  • Airbags were first introduced by Mercedes on their European models in 1981
  • Many safety standards have been designed by Mercedes engineers

Modern Mercedes Repair

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Written by IMA Motorwerke