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Top Reasons For Electrical Problems in a BMW

The sleek, sophisticated automobiles of Bavarian Motor Works or BMW are technologically advanced vehicles with common electrical issues. Newer models are equipped with the CCC iDrive System, a navigation and control system that has problems rebooting the system on its own. I’m going to mention the most common electrical problems documented and why IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA, is your first choice to repair electrical issues on your BMW.

The top reasons for electrical problems in BMWs are a dead battery, low power caused by weather or corrosion of battery cables, ignition issues and steering wheel lock up, alternator problems including a damaged belt causing the battery to not charge, damaged cables and bad wiring and fuse failure. IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA, has experienced technicians who know BMWs. Their expertise will reduce the chances your BMW will have an electrical issue.

When we think of electrical starting power, we must mention the battery and alternator. The battery is responsible for the wipers, cooling fan, radio, lights, and everything. Battery failure can result in complete electrical failure leaving you stranded with an expensive battery or alternator replacement. Our first thought may be a fuse or the alternator when the battery fails. If the battery is not charging, it usually falls onto the alternator. Blown fuses are common and are checked first, and then the troubleshooting continues.

When considering the ignition move the wheel gently, insert the key, and start the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t start or the steering lock indicator lights up, you could have a problem with the computer. If we consider bad weather the culprit, we may have loose or corroded cables preventing a connection, and low power may be the reason.

The best way to avoid electrical problems with your BMW is to visit IMA Motorwerke continuingly. Our preventative maintenance plus your vehicle’s regular maintenance will reduce the chances that your BMW electrical system will give you any hassles.

IMA Motorwerke has been the top expert in European and German-made automobiles since the late 90s, and they have the goods to prove it. IMA Motorwerke is a MoTeC Authorized Dealer, AWE Tuning Authorized Dealer, and CarMax preferred to service all MaxCare warranties. Contact IMA Motorwerke today and see how we can prevent an electrical issue with your BMW or any European or German-made automobile.

Written by IMA Motorwerke