Dealer Costs vs IMA Motorwerke Skill

MBA Plus Shines Bright at IMA Motorwerke

European cars usually have sophisticated electronics, engines, transmissions, and other amenities that require highly skilled technicians at dealerships to perform the work, or so they’ll tell you. Every car owner needs to do independent research and locate a highly skilled technician or privately owned automotive shop who specializes in European, German, Japanese and all performance-luxury brands.

The shop should have access to high-tech diagnostic equipment, tools, performance awards, recognition, and experience to complete sophisticated diagnostics and repairs. The shop should provide all types of manufacturer maintenance and be able and ready on demand to complete repairs without dealer markup rates. That professional and independent shop is IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA.

IMA Motorwerke has an MBA plus in European and German automobiles. This status provides IMA with the highest rating to oversee luxury-performance automobiles. If you’ve followed my articles, you’re aware that MBA is an acronym for Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Audi. The MBA plus includes the brands IMA services including MINI, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jaguar, and Range Rover.

Dealers don’t inform customers of the markups when they service an automobile. Most dealerships can’t repair the number of brands that IMA can. When we think of costs of servicing a luxury-performance automobile we should account for the education and skill level of the technician and IMA has the best technicians with the most knowledge on European and German brands.

Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are the top vehicle makers with the highest out of pocket expenses per year based on a 5-year loan. Tesla is the exception to the MBA rule. Electric vehicles don’t require oil changes, fuel filters or spark plug replacements.

IMA Motorwerke employs MBA plus technicians and offers a 2 year / 24,000-mile warranty. IMA is also a top performing TechNet Professional Facility with the ability to service brakes, steering, suspension, tires, exhaust, axles and driveline, fluids, engines, cooling, ignitions and fuel systems, diesel injections, scheduled maintenance with a nationwide warranty. To top it off, IMA offers flexible financing options to help with the high cost of performance-luxury ownership.

Aston Martin’s do not age well and lose value with age. BMWs have expensive maintenance schedules with many known repair issues and Mercedes has similar issues including rust and corrosion from wet weather and you need to know when to walk away from your Porsche. These luxury vehicles require additional maintenance which in turn requires additional money to keep them running. Parts and labor are more expensive mostly because of the skill required to repair the automobile.

Another fascinating skill at IMA is performance tuning. If you’re looking to be a Street Outlaw, bring your vehicle into IMA Motorwerke and learn how performance tuning can help you run with the big boys in the automotive world.

Written by IMA Motorwerke