Did Your Aston Martin Appreciate in Value?

Keep Affordability Out of the Equation

When your Aston Martin needs transmission repair, general maintenance, or a specific part, come into IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA. IMA is known as the leader in European and German automobiles, and we’ve been recognized with prestigious awards to service or repair the British supercar, Aston Martin.

According to independent research, The Vantage is the most reliable Aston Martin. Another interesting fact an owner of an Aston Martin may experience, depending on the right model, is an appreciation of value. Not many cars have this type of staying power. On the flip side, if you don’t buy the right model for appreciation, your Aston Martin may become affordable to the everyday buyer and eliminate the lure or prestige of owning an Aston Martin.

If you’re considering a performance tune, then check out Aston Martin’s Sportshift transmission. It’s part of Street Outlaw characterization but for a much steeper price. Included in Street Outlaws are hard-to-find parts, and when you’re driving a performance automobile, downtime is a killer.

Common Issues

Aston Martin’s common problems include an engine built by an individual expert. The car you purchased may be slightly different from the Aston Martin your neighbor purchased. This is one reason this attracts buyers to high-end luxury automobiles. But with custom, the individual building comes with the issue of error. Therefore, Aston Martin is moving toward robotics and, at the same time, using individuality to keep the brand recognized for custom designs.

These vehicles cannot be used for everyday driving. An Aston Martin does not hold up well for the long haul. Other common names are recognized for longevity, and Aston Martin is known for lasting a decade at best. If you decide to keep your Aston Martin running after a decade, the maintenance may be a high cost to the owner.

Price depreciation makes older Aston Martins affordable, and when affordability enters our equation, our output is daily drivability. This is not recommended for an older Aston Martin. In fact, it’s discouraged due to the high cost of maintenance after a certain age, ten-plus years.

If you are looking for Ashton Martin repairs, look no further than IMA Motorwerke. We are here when you need us.

Written by IMA Motorwerke