Does Your BMW Need an Oil Change?

Signs of Bad Oil

Motor oil plays an important role in the performance of your engine. It helps lubricate the parts within the engine and keeps it clean. Regardless of how well crafted a vehicle may be, every gas-powered vehicle will need an oil change. This includes BMW vehicle’s, which require a consistent oil change to operate at its best. Without a consistent oil change, the oil that is currently in your BMW will become old and worn. If that oil continues to be used, it could cause serious damage to your engine.

Has it been a while since your last oil change? Don’t worry, as long as your motor oil does not have these three traits, you still have time to get it changed and avoid any major damage to your BMW!

Thick Motor Oil

When you take a look at your motor oil, it should have a clear and clean amber color. This indicates that you have fresh and clean motor oil, which will maximize your engine’s effectiveness. As the oil gets worn out, it eventually turns black and gritty. If not changed, this dirty oil will eventually thicken and look more like goo than oil. This can cause significant damage to your engine in the form of blocked oilways and lubrication channels.

Metal Flakes

When looking at your oil, it isn’t uncommon to see metal flakes in your motor oil. That’s just a result of the continuous cycle it goes through in your engine. This only becomes a concern when you’re able to feel the metal flakes in the oil. This means pieces of your engine are breaking off into the oil as it is being cycled throughout the engine, which indicates something is severely wrong with your engine. Please make sure you visit our shop as soon as you notice this issue.

Milky Oil

As previously mentioned, your motor oil should have a clean and clear amber color to it. If you notice that your motor oil has a milky appearance to it, that indicates water has mixed with your motor oil and that could be an indicator of a bigger problem. Some common causes for this include a blown head gasket or a cracked engine block, which would allow water to seep into the oil tank. Please visit our shop as soon as you notice this, as this could cause serious damage to your engine if not promptly handled.

Written by IMA Motorwerke