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Oil Changes in your Audi

On the Audi website, there is a section under Maintenance where you can enter your vehicle’s model, year, and trim along with the current mileage to generate an ideal maintenance schedule. For most vehicles, the services on the schedule are pretty standard: change filters, check for leaks, lubricate. These make up a preventative maintenance plan that’s designed to keep your vehicle in peak performance while preventing common repair issues from developing. As the mileage of the vehicle goes up, the list of services and checks gets longer.

Fundamanetal Maintenance

On every single preventative maintenance checklist is oil change, and at IMA Motorwerke we wouldn’t forget it either! Oil changes are fundamental to vehicle maintenance and Audi cars are no exception. In fact, you purchased an Audi because you appreciate power, performance, and efficiency. You drive it on the streets of Chantilly, Virginia knowing it can handle all conditions and weather. Reliability and performance are only achieved by an engine in its prime or an engine that has been looked after so that it is well-primed. Oil changes are a fundamental part of that maintenance.

Motor Oil Ages

The Audi website can only give you a generalized idea of a schedule for regular maintenance, unfortunately. Your vehicle is unique and the way you drive it is unique. If you make use of your engine’s performance qualities, say you’re quick off the starting line or late to break in turns, your engine and its oil will age more quickly. As it ages, the oil picks up imperfections, basically debris from the moving parts of your engine and the air around it. Thicker oil means less fluidity and more friction and heat. If you’re a demanding driver, your Audi will need more frequent oil changes.

Visit Us for Service

Our technicians advise that a vehicle shouldn’t run past 8,000 miles without an oil change. With careful driving, it can be extended. With aggressive driving, your oil health may require a change around 7,000 miles. We want you to be mindful that careful driving habits can help extend the life of your oil. If you still have any questions, call IMA Motorwerke today to speak to one of our technicians about your vehicle concerns: (703) 327-9858.

Written by IMA Motorwerke