Is Your BMW Driving Right?

Five Common BMW Problems

Driving a BMW around town is an experience in superior handling and luxury. BMW’s reputation truly speaks for itself. It is a leader among German imports. However, all cars experience wear and tear, along with problems unique to the make and model. BMW is not exempt. There are sets of issues that are unique to BMW and that you may frequently encounter. IMA Motorwerke has put together a list of the five most common problems leading to BMW repair.

Electrical Issues

One of the most annoying problems BMW owners experience is their electric windows getting stuck open. Unfortunately, it’s a wiring defect present in many models. This problem needs to be repaired immediately. Not only can rain get in the car, but it’s a safety hazard.

Coolant System Failure

An overheated engine is a serious problem for any vehicle. However, in a BMW, the culprit is most likely a faulty cooling system. Typically, one of the components in the coolant system will wear out every 80 to 120,000 miles. These parts need replacing immediately before it causes more damage to the engine.


Be sure to check under your BMW from time to time for fluids. Many BMW models have a leak fuel gasket installed. The gasket quickly becomes thin and brittle from the engine’s heat. Leaky oil is not good for your engine. It makes it work harder and causes damage over time.

Fuel Pump Failure

Unfortunately for BMW owners, fuel pump failure is reported in its most popular models. The BMW is outfitted with a high and low-pressure fuel pump. The high-pressure tank’s job is to push fuel into the combustion chamber. This is the pump that fails most frequently in BMWs. If the high-pressure tank is not functioning correctly, neither will your engine. Your car will perform poorly, and the damage to the engine increases. A fuel pump failure is an issue requiring an immediate fix.

Bad Batteries

BMWs have an extensive electric system with many gadgets. The downside is that BMWs often have bad batteries installed. They easily drain power and die. You will need to get a new battery that will power your vehicle.

There is one place you can go for the best BMW repair any time you encounter these problems and more. IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA, is well-versed in BMW issues. We will correctly diagnose the problem and get your car repaired quickly. Your BMW will live to see another day.

Written by IMA Motorwerke