Sitting Low in a Land Rover

Air Suspension and other Land Rover Repairs

When you jumped into your Land Rover, did you notice you weren’t sitting at the same height? Did you try to adjust the seat height but remain at the lower height? If you didn’t have this issue, did you notice a rougher, noisier ride and weak handling resulting in poorer performance? This could be an air suspension problem.

If this has happened to you, please drive to IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, VA, and let our Land rover repair specialists look at your air suspension. We will also look for moisture and rust issues, check all air fittings and tubing connections and look at the air springs and compressor for burnout.

Most vehicles have coil springs in their suspension, but in a Land Rover, there are air balloons that make that smooth ride possible. If you notice a seat height differential, the air balloon might fail. Potential complications include a leaking balloon, balloon explosion, faulty ride height sensor, bad fuse, faulty air compressor, faulty valve block, faulty plumbing or connections, bad O-rings, the wrong calibration, bad control unit, faulty relay, bad dampers, bad wiring, connectors, and plugs. With so many items that could need attention, it’s advised to have a Land Rover repair specialist at IMA Motorwerke assess and advise on the best repair path.

Other Land Rover Problems

While you’re inside, we recommend letting us do an entire vehicle inspection. This may include looking at the head gasket, electrical system, brakes, pad wear, steering, and airbags. By doing these simple checks, we may uncover hidden problems that can be fixed for much less when compared to other situations.

It requires years of experience pinpointing an issue on a Land Rover or Range Rover. IMA Motorwerke is known for quickly uncovering vehicle mysteries for its customers. If you are riding lower in the seat, notice something unusual, or suspect an issue, we recommend you stop by for a vehicle inspection at IMA Motorwerke. Let our professionals care for one of your biggest investments. Call us today or stop by anytime.

Written by IMA Motorwerke