When to Change the Oil in Your Mercedes

Sooner Than You Think

If Family Feud asked a question about the most common vehicle maintenance services, I’m confident “Oil Change” would be the number 1 answer. Even novice vehicle owners know that oil needs to be changed in a vehicle. Not every driver has to know how to change their oil, but they should know when to change their oil. Our technicians at IMA Motorwerke put together some tips to determine how frequently you should be performing this essential service:

Every 1000 miles: This may sound like a joke, like false information to catch inexperienced owners. Nope, it’s true. If your Mercedes is left idle for days a time or if you travel such short distances excluding highway travel, your oil will age more quickly. How is that possible? When your engine is working for extended periods of time, 20 minutes or more, going at higher speeds, it creates an immense amount of energy and HEAT. That heat helps burn off condensation in the vehicle and even break down the imperfections in your motor oil. In this instance, it may sound odd for an inanimate object, but your vehicle needs regular exercise, too.

3,000-7,000 miles: Most mechanics, when forced to give an answer would choose a mileage somewhere in this range. Without knowledge of the vehicle, the driver, and how they drive the vehicle, we can only make an educated guess. The more information we have, the better estimate we can give. If you drive mostly highway to commute to your job, your oil may have a longer life for the reasons given above. On the other hand, if you do mostly city driving, stopping and starting, idling in traffic, your oil changes will need to be more frequent. Our technicians at IMA Motorwerke will listen to your driving habits and help you determine an oil change schedule that suits your needs.

10,000+ miles: This unusual category is reserved for a special type of oil: synthetic. Once you determine if your Mercedes can support synthetic oil, you may want to consider making the switch for some of its benefits. New synthetic oil is used on high performance vehicles because it has a longer life and can withstand tougher driving conditions and demands on the engine. Again, depending on your driving habits, synethic oil may be the trick to unlocking further performance capabilites in your Mercedes.

Our technicians at IMA Motorwerke are always pleased when owners take an interest in their vehicle maintenance. We encourage any curiosity and are happy to answer questions. Swing by our Chantilly, Virginia location today to exchange tips and tricks to keep your vehicle in peak performance.

Written by IMA Motorwerke

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