What Kind of Oil Should I Use in My Audi?

Choosing The Correct Oil For Your Vehicle

If you own an Audi, you likely want to keep it running well and on the road for as long as possible. One of the most important elements of your maintenance schedule is replacing the engine oil. The oil lubricates your engine during regular operation and helps to draw contaminants and deposits out of the moving parts and into the oil filter.

If you’ve ever thought about changing your oil or going to a third-party mechanic, you may be unsure which is the right oil to use. The answer is complicated a little by the different needs of specific models. Check your owner’s manual for an exact answer. However, you can find some helpful guidance below.

The Correct Oil To Use

Audi recommends using Castrol brand oil, which is what they use in Audi service centers. However, the brand isn’t the only consideration. It is crucial to get the viscosity right for your engine.

Viscosity is a measurement of how easily a fluid flows. For simplicity’s sake, you can think of it as the thickness of a liquid. For example, syrup has a higher viscosity than water.

For engine oil, viscosity is broken down into various grades. For most Audi gasoline engines, the correct viscosity grade is SAE 5W-40.
The right viscosity grade to use may vary depending on the climate conditions where you drive. In colder environments, oil is more viscose than it is rated, and the opposite is true for warm climates.
Provided that you use high-quality oil, you can use a slightly different viscosity such as SAE 5W-30. This may be necessary due to the driving environment or availability. For the R8 GT and V10 R8, use SAE 10W-60.

Oil Use Variance

Your owner’s manual recommends the intervals at which an oil change is necessary. However, there is a little variance. For example, you will use more oil in your first 3,000 miles. Additionally, if your driving habits or environment put more strain on the engine, expect to use oil more quickly.

Get an Audio Oil Change

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Written by IMA Motorwerke