What’s Up With Your Audi?

Five Frequently Annoying Problems

Audi drivers like yourself fell in love with this car model for many reasons. The sleek design, sporty engines, and technological advancements are just a few of the reasons. They are all good reasons to select an Audi. However, Audis come with their share of problems like any other make. There are a few common issues that plague Audi models. These are likely due to parts placed into the Audi during manufacturing. Our ASE-certified technicians here at IMA Motorwerke compiled a list of five common problems that lead to the Audi repair.

Faulty Spark Plugs

An Audi’s spark plugs are vulnerable to failure. When your spark plugs go out, you will have issues with your ignition. It may fail to start. It’s recommended that Audis use OE spark plugs. If not, you Audi won’t run properly. Our shop can quickly and affordably repair it.

Breakable TIming Belts

Timing belts on Audis wear down quickly. There is no specific reason why they wear down faster. The more you drive, the more it will wear down. If your engine won’t turn over, or there is an oil leak near the engine, these are signs the timing belt is going bad. Luckily for Audi owners, the timing belt is a cheap fix.

Frequent Oil Leaks

Some parts that make up the engine and keep oil in are faulty when your Audi is made. Therefore, your vehicle is prone to frequent oil leakage. Audis can lose oil at a high rate. If your engine keeps losing oil, it will suffer severe damage. At the first sign of an oil leak, bring your car to your shop. You don’t want to spend money on a costly engine repair.

Electrical Issues

Audi models come with all the latest gadgets and systems. It offers great convenience to drivers, but it offers a fair share of problems. Audis are vulnerable to many electrical issues. The lights could stop turning on and off. Your electric windows might get stuck. Your dashboard cam may fail to operate. A faulty battery could be the root cause, or something wrong with a specific component. Our shop is fully qualified to fix all these issues.

Noisy Axles

There is no rhyme or reason, but axle boots on Audis tend to wear out quickly. The more you hit the road, the quicker the axle becomes susceptible to damage. The damage comes from losing axle grease, causing the parts to grind together. If you hear loud noises coming from under your car, find a repair shop immediately.

Here at IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, Virginia, we are dedicated to keeping your Audi running smoothly. We have diagnosed and repaired all the common Audi problems, plus many more.

Written by IMA Motorwerke