Why Your Audi Needs Brand Approved Oil Service

An Attention to Detail

As many motorists know, they must have their vehicle go through a regularly scheduled oil change in order to get the best results from their vehicle. To get this service, many drivers will go to their local auto shop, where the service will be performed the same way regardless of the vehicle make or model. Although many vehicles can get away with generalized service, that is not the case for Audi vehicles.

Audi vehicles must follow a specific oil change procedure and use brand-approved components to ensure that the vehicle is performing the way Audi designed it to. Exposure to any other service or component may compromise its performance and even damage it down the road. Here’s why your Audi needs to go through a specific oil service.

Oil Filter

At IMA Motorwerke, we pride ourselves in using original, factory-approved parts when we perform any of our services, and this doesn’t change with your Audi’s oil service. For your Audi to use clean oil, it needs an oil filter that is specific to its make. Any other oil filter will either not properly clean the contaminants within the oil or not function at all. Our technicians take the time to properly remove the old oil filter from your Audi and replace it with the best oil filter for the make and model!

Motor Oil

As many motorists know, there are a variety of motor oils for you to choose from, all of which have specific benefits and conditions. Many Audi vehicles require a full-synthetic oil to perform at their best, and we have that oil available at our location. Make sure you speak with one of our auto professionals to see what full-synthetic oil is right for your Audi’s specific model.

Oil Seal

When changing the oil, our technicians use specific tools to properly remove the drain plug. On that drain plug is a washer or seal, unique to the Audi brand, that helps contain all the oil and prevent any minor leaks. The washers and seals are specifically made by Audi and using any other kind can compromise the drain plug’s ability to contain oil.

By making sure you visit a shop that utilizes brand-approved components and service techniques, you ensure that your Audi receives the oil care it deserves. For your next service, make sure you schedule it with the Audi professionals at IMA Motorwerke in Chantilly, Virginia!

Written by IMA Motorwerke