BMW Repairs

Top Reasons For Electrical Problems in a BMW The sleek, sophisticated automobiles of Bavarian Motor Works or BMW are technologically advanced vehicles with common electrical issues. Newer models are equipped with the CCC iDrive System, a navigation and control system that has problems rebooting the system on its own. I’m going to mention the most […]

How to Tell When Your Audi is Ready for an Oil Change

Is Your Audi Showing Signs? Audis are sleek, fast, and fashionable. Their owners love them, and they are worthy of bragging rights. But, no matter how exceptional your Audi is, it will need an oil change. You can put it off as long as possible, but your Audi will let you know it’s time to […]

Improve Your Driving Experience with Automotive Performance Upgrades

Are Automotive Performance Upgrades Right for My Vehicle? Even the most prestigious European automobiles require automotive performance upgrades from time to time. While there are various ways to increase a vehicle’s performance, what you choose to upgrade ultimately relies on your driving needs. In this article, we will look at a few of the most […]

Sitting Low in a Land Rover

Air Suspension and other Land Rover Repairs When you jumped into your Land Rover, did you notice you weren’t sitting at the same height? Did you try to adjust the seat height but remain at the lower height? If you didn’t have this issue, did you notice a rougher, noisier ride and weak handling resulting […]

Is Your BMW Driving Right?

Five Common BMW Problems Driving a BMW around town is an experience in superior handling and luxury. BMW’s reputation truly speaks for itself. It is a leader among German imports. However, all cars experience wear and tear, along with problems unique to the make and model. BMW is not exempt. There are sets of issues […]

Time for a Mercedes Oil Change?

Recommendations for Your Model Mercedes is a luxury car model that inspires love and loyalty in its owners. This includes the weight of the motor oil when it’s affected by key temperature changes. Keeping their Mercede’s outside appearance is important to owners. However, keeping the internal systems functioning optimally is a big priority. A car […]

Don’t Neglect the Essentials

Oil Changes in your Audi On the Audi website, there is a section under Maintenance where you can enter your vehicle’s model, year, and trim along with the current mileage to generate an ideal maintenance schedule. For most vehicles, the services on the schedule are pretty standard: change filters, check for leaks, lubricate. These make […]

Embrace Your Maintenance:

Changing the Oil on Your BMW Especially with high-end vehicles, owners are hesitant to perform any maintenance on their own car for fear of harming any of the delicate mechanisms. Of course, we don’t recommend you come at your beloved M-series with a screwdriver, but there are some services you can do at home to […]

When to Change the Oil in Your Mercedes

Sooner Than You Think If Family Feud asked a question about the most common vehicle maintenance services, I’m confident “Oil Change” would be the number 1 answer. Even novice vehicle owners know that oil needs to be changed in a vehicle. Not every driver has to know how to change their oil, but they should […]

A Brief History of Mercedes-Benz

From the Start to Now The Mercedes-Benz company has a long history of innovation, luxury, and excellence. Karl Benz’s 1886 model, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, is regarded as the first gasoline-powered automobile. However, it was Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybech, who really started the Mercedes brand. They simultaneously developed a gas-powered automobile at the same […]